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Formal Complaint

Level 4

Anybody know if Oculus have a formal complaints procedure? Thanks


Level 3

I honestly don't know what this guy is telling you, sort of sounds like he works for Oculus or something. The fact that you paid good hard earned money for a product and didn't get what you paid for is enough in my book to complain. I don't know about the time and suffering though. 


I just shelled out a good bit for an quest 2 for my bday that won't move past the pairing stage. and have been in chat with folks who act just like this guy, like " get over it, we will get to you when we get to you".  There isn't even a phone number you can call (for a reason) to voice your complaint. The best I can offer dude is to file you complaint, get you money back and stay away from companies that don't provide you a phone number, that's how you know their customer service will suck. A dollar or a dime, they owe it to you.

There are 2 different things being done.  One is software and user knowledge.   The other is hardware.   I’ve had two so far that have failed.  I am intimately acquainted with their process.   Software/knowledge issues are pretty good considering it’s newish tech.  Hardware support is fine up to the point you need a replacement.   From there on out it is appalling.  The company breeches every standard imaginable.   They do so with impunity.