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Frame interpolation video player...

Level 4
I am trying to find a way to play 180 degree side by side movies with frame interpolation (like svp), Anyone know how to do this in the rift?


Level 4
Juat to be clear Im talking about this...

It makes a WORLD of difference in VR. The effect is amazing for 2d video, so how can we get it working in 3d vids? There must be some way to tell virtual desktop to run svp/win media player in the full screen 'dome mode' to take advantage of the smooth playback.

Or perhaps there is another player out there that supports this feature?

Level 12

We need a player that'll interpolate up to the Rifts native refresh rate. MPC-HC with DimitriRender + Virtual desktop gives you whatever your monitor can display, but it should be supported in the Oculus Video player.

Let's not get into the whole "it wasn't mean to look like that" discussion - Animated 3D movies are A LOT nicer to watch with interpolated frames IMO.
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Deo VR, a light (and great) VR player, recently got SVP support.
Now we are waiting for a tutorial to get this working...

Level 10
Hmm... couldn't you just use Virtual Desktop to watch a 2D Video player that supports SVP?

Virtual Desktop supports SBS 3D "emulation". It seems tank FPS a bit on my machine though.. which would defeat the purpose I guess. Watching normal 2D vids under VD works fine though..

Level 7
I just wanted to vouche for the positive effect that interpolation has on video(not movies imo). I use my 3DTV as a desk monitor and eventually found myself constantly enabling interpolation for some types of youtube videos.