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Free app/game that has the best 3D VR audio (spatialization)?

Level 3
Frankly, I am a bit disappointed by the VR audio in almost all of the apps. Mission ISS was the "best" in the audio department so far, but that too didn't deliver what I expected. I read in Oculus developers' posts that our head, ears' shape, and the entire body shape affect how we interpret sounds and their sources. I am now thinking maybe my entire body is weirdly shaped because I can't point out the source of any of the sounds in any of the VR game/app. LOL. (Truly, my ears are huge). I am kidding. Even though a human auditory system is very personal, a generic data set should work well enough for everyone.

So, is there something I can do? Could it be that changing the Rift headphones to third-parties' expensive headphones make things better?

And also, is there any app/game that you think has perfected the audio spatialization? In which VR experience did you feel presence based solely on sounds? A free app is preferred because I can't afford to buy something just to experience the sounds, but if you have a paid one in mind, let me know too.

Thanks a lot!


Level 7
The first party content from the Rex team has good spatial audio. Check out: First Contact, Farlands, Dreamdeck.