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Genuinly losing hope in this company

Honored Guest

Meta has to be one of the most infuriating companies I've ever dealt with. I have an oculus quest 2 (Before the meta rebrand) and it hasn't acted up until half a year ago. After that, my meta quest pc app won't install any apps and it wasn't that much to deal with, at least I could used SteamVR, until today. My quest 2 has seemingly cut off all ties to activate pcvr. I've been talking to support for months ever since my downloads stopped working, yet all of the "solutions" they offered have not worked for me. They've been broken records for offering methods to try and fix it, and when I send them the logs to help my issue, THEY EITHER DON'T RESPOND TO ME, OR SUGGEST SOMETHING I'VE ALREADY TRIED. At least Sony is making a pc adapter for the PSVR 2 soon so I won't have to use this crappy tech again. If by a miracle something gets fixed, I might give meta another chance.