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Great example of why vr has to be tried

Level 12
My brother and are science fiction fans and one of the topics we discussed for many years way before vr  became a consumer product was vr. I have had my rift since last june 2016 and he didn't try my rift until about a month ago. I never understood why he didn't try it but it turns out he said he wasn't ready for it but knew if he tried it he would want it. Sure enough after tried it he is now ready to order. I'm jelous since he's get the top of the line 1080 and i7. I have the i5 and 980 gtx.

Not applicable
My brother's way too tight to buy a VR headset. Quite frustrating because he's got LOADS of money too, whereas I had to save up for two years to be able to afford my PC and Rift.

Level 15
I just put my purchases on a plastic card and pay later. I hate to see a massive amount of cash go out of my account at once. Saving up is the best bet always though. 

Level 13
I showed my brother my rift, he brought his family over to play it, they fell in love with Superhot.  They went out and bought a PC laptop, the rift and touch controllers the next day.  He had almost no interest in it before he tried it.

Level 11
My brothers tried it and enjoyed it but when they're around they don't ask to try it again. They could only try it for few minutes before their wives called them back. They literally  couldn't escape their wivve


One of my brothers would buy it if it weren't so expensive including the high end PC. 
i7 9700k 3090 rtx   CV1, Rift-S, Index, G2