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Guardian System - new feature "roof"?

Level 2
After hitting my ceiling with my hand while throwing a basketball in VR I wonder, why has the guardian system no roof on the play area?

Level 9
Which Shire do you live in?
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Level 7

kevink808 said:

Which Shire do you live in?

Other than America, Canada, Australia and some large English homes, tall ceilings is not common. You'll be lucky if you get something that's eight foot high in many places.

A roof layer would be a good idea.

Level 2
In my case, I am very tall (6ft7). I can reach any standard ceiling. 

Level 5

Yeah, should be fairly easy to implement just by (optionally) let the player specify a (safe) room height during guardian setup?

Question is if that would be enough since usually its just individual objects such as fans and lamps that pose the danger. I wouldn't be happy with having to set the whole guardian layer of the play space to minimum height of these...

Level 12
How about they fix everything before adding features 😉
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Level 2

I need the roof option too. I live in a top floor house and ceiling is shaped triangular, in one side of the room height is enough but on the other side because of the roof shape the height is getting smaller. Because of that while playing Half Life Alyx and throwing a grenade I hit the ceiling and controllers got scratches.

I've hit my ceiling fan more times than I care to count, and one of these days I'm worried I'm going to break my fan, my controllers, and my hand.  I checked out the Ideas board and it looks like people have been wanting a feature like this for years. I haven't heard of any plans for it being implemented, but hopefully they will add it eventually. 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?