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Guarding Warning Adjustment?

I wonder if there is a way to make the guardian system warn you a little sooner when you're near a wall.  I've found that I can stand close enough to a wall, without the system kicking in, and still reach out and touch my wall.  My wall does light up as the controller nears it, but if you're playing a game like Super Hot and you quickly reach or punch in that direction, it's not enough time to prevent you from hitting the wall.  I don't have freakishly long arms or anything. 

I know I could retrace my room and give it a little extra buffer, but it'd be nice to be able to fine tune it rather than retracing until I find that sweet spot.  Ideally, the Guardian System would have you hold your arms out and adjust the warning distance based on the distance between the controller and your HDM.

Anybody have experience in Steam's Chaperone?   I haven't set that up yet.  Does the warning pop up sooner?  

Expert Protege
Sounds like you are asking for it to anticipate what you are going to do then warn you.  😛   The only thing I can say is if you are having that issue, reduce your boundaries.  That's what I have done.  My play area is a little warped rectangle with a depth of about 3.5 feet by 6-7 feet.  I have made sure that I don't run right up against a barrier, so I gave it a little cushion.  I have no issues with superhot.

As I mentioned in a similar thread here, the Guardian could better anticipate what you are going to do by taking into account your speed an acceleration, instead of just your position.

Basically the faster you are heading towards a border, the sooner Guardian should kick in.

And the same way if you're only slowly and carefully exploring a border, Guardian should kick in as late as possible.

Heroic Explorer
I don't have my touch yet so I have no idea how it works.
But I've seen videos on youtube, where the player have a thin outline always visible on the floor of their play space, so they can always see how far away they are from a wall / obstacle.
Looks quite usefull for hectic games!
Is this something we can set up in the options?
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as silly as it sounds, totally could become an issue.  Played bullet train and that had me going everywhere, ducking behind walls and such.  as mentioned, the smart thing to do is to purposely reduce your boundaries when creating the walls during setup

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It would indeed be smart to draw the border an arm length away from all walls. Problem is, if I did that I'd hardly have any playspace left.

Yeah I recommend doing the borders at arms length as well, scratch my Touch on furniture yesterday making an incredible save at hockey lol...
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Well in my case I will point out again that I have a small circular rug (~0.70m diameter) at the center of my playspace (which is ~2mx2m, plus an extra 0.5m buffer zone away from my 50 inch monitor).

So if I move away from the center with my arms along my body Guardian will fail to kick in early enough, but my feet will still notice I'm about to step off the rug without Guardian ever having to kick in. Which is not only more trustworthy but also less immersion breaking then having Guardian kick in.

It also means that because the Guardian walls hardly ever show up, I pay a lot more instant attention to them the few times when they do manage to show up.

And thanks to that rug and my high ceiling the only thing I came close to bashing so far is my friend : Stay outa my VR space ! ^^

Does Touch insurance cover my furnitures? Im making my play area bigger with all the punches LOL.
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