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Handicapped User.

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My husband has ALS and has lost the ability to use his hands. I am trying to find interesting things for him to do besides TV and internet .  He used to love to travel and is always interested in all kinds of history. Can you tell me if he will be able to use the immersive travel apps  and other experiences without the use of his hands?  I do not have any experience with this type of product but saw it featured in a segment of CBS Sunday Morning and it got me excited about another way to keep him engaged. 


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I'm not sure if this site would be any help, but it may be somewhere to start.

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Honestly if total loss of functions it is near impossible to use much of vr. As controls are a point and click interface for all apps.

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I'm not sure if this site would be any help, but it may be somewhere to start.

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Ma'am it is honestly hit or miss on what you can do in these apps seeing as oculus still haven't implemented a universal, global setting that allows you to go to each app with the exact same height, reach, orientation etc. I'm in a wheelchair but blessed enough to transfer to a tall stool inorder to play certain games like beat saber, pavlov, and onward in which the developers don't care enough to allow us to make specific changes. Like beat saber, I cant bend down to avoid the obstacles so its usually an instant fail, so to help they let you turn off obstacles but it cost you 5% off your score so wow thanks for that! Pavlov and onward make it where you cant run/sprint so you basically can't play the game. 

So I own most everything in the games store so if you want, tell me exactly what to recreate and I will go into whatever app/game for you using the parameters you need and upload the results for you to youtube. If I don't own the app/game then I'll buy it anyway because vr is supposed to be an escaped for EVERYONE and I really want to help you find him something he'll enjoy and most importantly NOT add any unnecssary stress in the process.

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Some history/museum vr apps are using gaze_and_wait mechanics instead of point_and_click.

But I have not seen a list of apps so to be sure it is before you buy.


But you'll need a controller click to start that app. So not a perfect solution.

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I think VR videos including travel should work fine. 

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Thank you for the offer - I will let you know 

My son has a traumatic brain injury, and a spinal cord injury (D1-D2).  His cognitive ability is high (Kessler assessment indicated that he was slightly below his pre-accident level, and he can still play chess).  I believe VR can help him overcome depression.  But, I would like him to be as independent as possible via eye movement or any assistive tech.