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Has anyone else experienced ocular visual migraine images?

I don't think it has anything to do with VR so much as I had no issues what so ever my first year using the Rift. I had other things going on and did not use VR for some months as I took a long break from things. I went to the doctor and was prescribed glasses for the first time in my life, yay. They scanned my eyes with several machines and whatnot and told me the medicine I am taking appears to be helping as the ocular migraines where less frequent. Anyway I was just curious about eye health so the question may be slightly off topic but still relevant enough.
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Current VR technology doesn't allow dynamic changes in focal distance. So using VR for prolonged periods could cause eye strain, just like sitting in front of a monitor.

Oculus is working on a new technology that allows dynamic changes in focal distance based on virtual distance. This should reduce eye strain.

It's still a while away but there are videos from OC6 that talk about this technology on YouTube. 

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I used my Oculus Quest for a while and noticed an increase in my visual migraines.  I moved and had it put away for four months and did not have a single visual migraine.  I just took it out and used it and, bingo! - visual migraine.  It can't be a coincidence.  

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Living with a chronic condition like ocular visual migraine can be a difficult experience. If you have ever experienced this type of migraine, you may be wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. Ocular visual migraines cause temporary vision loss or changes in the person’s field of vision and often include seeing flashes of light or geometric shapes. For many sufferers, these images are accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and headache pain.

The good news is that there is an online community dedicated to those who suffer from ocular visual migraines. Here you can connect with others facing the same issues and discuss your experiences in order to gain understanding and support from those who truly understand what it’s like to live with this condition. You will find helpful resources, tips for managing symptoms and even advice on how to cope emotionally during episodes.

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Yes I've been getting really bad retinal migraines recently from the quest 3 I was playing a long play session on euro truck simulator 2 for about 3 hours. Does anyone know of some things I can do to prevent these migraines I never got them on the rift s. I have the right ipd and its a steady 72fps in game. I know 3 hours is quite long but usually I've been ok in the past playing elite dangerous for hours. 

It's possible that the lighting in those two games makes a difference to you. ETS2 is generally a daytime environment as opposed to ED being a darker space game.

Also, comfort could be big factor. The Rift-S is the most comfortable headset I've ever worn, no pressure on the face or temples at all. The only other headset I've used that comes close is the Quest Pro, which doesn't press against the face either. The other thing with he Pro is it lets natural light in unless you want to attach the blockers, which I don't. I've done some marathon sessions in it.

Do you use a elite type strap with your Quest 3 or is it just the supplied strap? Something like the Kiwi or BoboVR may be something to try. Otherwise, I'd just limit playtime to maybe 2 hours max.

Personally I'd keep an eye on Quest Pro prices too, just in case there's a sale, or a cheap used one comes to market at a decent price. It could be something to consider for your next headset, or if there's a Pro 2 next year, hopefully they'll be priced better than the initial Pro was!

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Hi thanks for your reply. I use the bobo m3 headstrap I think I might try it without the facial interface and see how that goes. Also I've enabled night mode. Thanks for the tips. 👍🏻