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Having to reset to default the headset very often / apps cannot be fully deleted

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It is amazing how many times I have had to reset the headset to defaults to make it work, very often after the updates. Updates that I cannot select if they are installed or not, I am not given the option, this is automatic. I have no option to roll back the headset to the previous version either, even if the update is giving more problems than anything else. This is horrible, why do I need to lose the content on my headset everynow and then, having to re-do everything all the time? This is a lost of time, and you do not seem to care at all as this is not changing, this keeps happening all the time.

If I want do delete some demos I installed when I purchased the headset, I cannot do it either, they keep being there, why dont we get an option to permanently delete them?

There are certaing things I am not able to understand and why after a few years have not changed at all.


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Just imagine this was a normal computer ( which somehow is something Meta says they are offering, a solution to work ), then windows forces you to install bad updates with no option to roll them back, and forcing you to format your HD every now and then, losing your information. No one would ever purchase this computer.

This is how I feel about this product, this should not keep happening after such a long life of the product, it is ridiculous.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Oh no, you definitely shouldn't be having to factory reset after every update. I can definitely understand where you're coming from, and you shouldn't be losing content because of updates!

So as far as headset updates go, they do happen automatically when your headset is connected to Wi-Fi and turned on. There isn't really a way to stop that (unless you just stay away from connecting to the internet).

That being said, if something isn't working right after an update, the first thing I would recommend is submitting a bug report. And if it's something that is causing you to have to factory reset, I would definitely suggest reaching out by opening a support ticket ( before you do to see if there's any other steps you can take first so you don't have to lose any of your stuff.

And lastly, when it comes to removing old demos or apps, there isn't a way to fully get them off your headset as of right now. You can uninstall them so that they don't take up space, but they will still show up in your library. I know that kind of clutters it up, but if it's important to you to be able to fully remove them, I'd suggest posting about that in the Ideas section of the Forums here. That's the best way to get ideas and suggestions seen by the engineers and developers!

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Thank you for your reply but it does not help much, I have gone through the process several times, it allways ends up with me restarting the headset to defaults. Which is what I had to do so it could "work", with no developer mode working. The rest in general works quite good by the way, althought I have had Wi-Fi disconnections which I never did before. When do you plan to get the next update? This is frustating

Hey @PR3DA! We see that you are still experiencing some issues with having to reset your headset settings to default after your device automatically updates. We definitely understand how troublesome that can be and we'd love to work with you in order to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible! Please reach out to our Support Team by clicking here so that we may assist you further!