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Help with buying new Hardware

Hello everybody. I need some help with the decision to new hardware.

Now I have a I5 4690 with 8 GB Ram 1600 Mhz and a Nvidia 1070

I only play two games: Raceroom Racing Experience and Euro Truck Simulator 2
Both games are on a normal monitor not that hardware hungry but single Thread Optimized.

I can play both of them only with 45 FPS in ASW. For this I can nearly max out most settings with SS 1.6. Not that bad. But I never reach 90 FPS stable on this both. Not with minimized Settings to the lowest. So no I've decided to drive full in ASW. But on ETS2 it's very glitchy and hard. FPSVR shows me one core on near 90 Percent, Graphics card is between 60 and 70 percent. This is not so much.

So what do I want? I want to play both titles with mostly 90 FPS. I know it is hard to get it every time. Race Room is a bit twitchy while starting a race. But after it settles, the FPS could go stable.

What do you mean, what I have to do? Buying an i7 9800k with 16 GB 3200 RAM? Or better a Ryzen? Or is the processor ok and I need a better graphics card?
With which of this three can I get nearly stable 90 FPS by same graphics setting (or more SS) on those single core optimized games?

If you need more Informations, feel free. I'm hoping for many Ideas, because I'm very confused and this upgrade is not that cheap 😞

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I just bought a EVGA 550W G3 PSU for my GTX1080 SC2 on my new Dell i7 8700 which was stock at 460W which at times has freezes. So I'm hoping the extra power helps it. I can then also use the overclock (even max KBOOST) if it can handle it on Precision OCX (a newer version is in Beta which will soon support 10**series cards). That may help you here else get a 1080Ti. I don't think there's much in it for the cpu in VR really and 16GB is ample.
Tried OTT or SteamVR SS instead of the games?

I-'m not sure how this could help me? Could be, that I'm lost in translation here 🙂