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How to improve oculus sales

Hello oculus guys,

I feels Oculus sales are kind of frozen by "saisonal best buy stuffs", and 
I would like to propose some of my ideas trying to save you and escape from Zenimax running behind you and trying to eat you alive.
First of all stop immediately to sell separately the headset ,the touch controllers and the detectors....I think it the main reason for bad sales.
Secondly try to propose the the whole package below 300 dollars with a 
monthly plan at 25 dollars per month for 1 year contract and a free unlimited access to the oculus online store.
A second option would be to get the whole package at 600 bucks without plan.
The third is to sell the package with the best graphic card for 800bucks.
This is the plans guys ....Let me know what you think.


And the fourth would be to pay 100 dollars for the vive and get the rift for nothing yes ?
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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They've already cut the price of the whole package to $600.

I've mentioned it here before but what they need to do is move the demo stations that they have in stores like Best Buy and put them on the floor space in shopping malls and shopping centres between the stores. They would get A LOT more foot traffic this way.

I think HTC have got a big problem now, they're not in a financial position to lower the price of the Vive and will soon have more competition with the LG headset. I bet that there were more than a few HTC and LG executives holding their heads in their hands when Oculus announced those price cuts.

The Vive is no longer a viable commercial product after the Rift's price cut, and because the LG headset is built with the same tech it isn't going to be a great deal cheaper either.

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No point talking about it. Trust me, I tried a couple of weeks ago. 
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I would certainly think the large price drop that just occurred should at least increase some Oculus sales.

From what I've read, I believe HTC make a lot of their money from Chinese VR arcade sales, so they have no great incentive to cut prices.

Oculus is doing it right. Not to long ago they worked it out so u need a less powerful computer. And this recent price cut. And vive not reducing their price. Facebook already knew from the beginning that this slow adoption of the are was going to take place. That's why from the beginning they announced a 10-year plan for this to get going. PlayStation VR will grow much quicker because of their base and the ease of use. Heck even though I love my Oculus headset and have had it since last June I still recently ordered the PlayStation VR worlds bundle so I can play Resident Evil and the upcoming farpoint.

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Lol I love the way people think they have all the answers of what oculus need to do to increase sale.there owned by a billionaire business tycoon ffs your all ametuers  in comparison

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Basic Rift should come free with every Big Mac meal deal  😘  Or am I being too silly here ?  :#

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The bit I found funny was the free unlimited access to the oculus online store. I mean it would be really cool and all if the Dev teams did their work for nothing and just give use their games, but how are they going to pay their mortgage and feed their kids?