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How to increase the Link(Cable) desktop virtual screen size bigger?

Level 2


Hi Community,

I am using Oculus Link(Cable) to connect to my desktop PC and works great for playing games and streaming movies(Wired).  But the Link(Cable) desktop virtual screen is small (size of 65 inch TV) and I amnot able to increase the screen size bigger when watching movies.  Is there a way to increase the  Link desktop virtual screen size for watching movies from PC. 


My setup is,

  • Link Cable from Quest 2 to PC using Link desktop. 
  • PC to Receiver is connected through HDMI  for  audio (Atmos or HD Audio) and works great. 

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something here (like where the 65 inch thing comes from) but if you want a bigger screen you can just move closer to it, can't you? Also, if you hold down a grip button you can use the joystick to move the desktop screen closer to you, or futher away.

Generally saying the virtual desktop screen size is 65 or 75. 

I am able to move the virtual desktop screen closer or further away, but it is no where closer to watching movies in the Virtual Desktop HighMax room or Big Screen Grand Cinema room.  but unfortunately both app works only in Wifi. Hope Oculus developer optimize the virtual desktop screen app to allow users to change the screen size. 

Trust me watching movies in bigger screen with home theatre surrounding systems is a whole new experience.