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How to see FPS counter in CV1 and other useful rendering info

Level 15
This will be VERY useful for people looking to see the performance of their GPU whilst in the rift. Courtesy of K0nsi over @ Reddit. There was a topic about smoothness in Project CARS recently where this would have been pretty ideal. No doubt I'll make some good use of this to benchmark the GTX 1080 performance.

-Start Oculus Home
-Start the Debug Tool (optionally set the desired pixel density)
-Start your game
-Now alt-tab into the debug tool again and choose under Service->Visible HUD: Performance and under Performance HUD->Mode either Performance Summary or Compositor Render timing.

You can change these settings while in game as well.

In Performance summary you get all the important information including an fps counter(duh) combined with a graph. More interesting is the Compositor Render timing option. The fps counter there shows you the combined FPS of the application rendering and TimeWarp (according to this where you can also find more detailed info).

I had for example in the station scenes in Elite Dangerous an average of 50fps according to thePerformance summary and Afterburner Overlay which is only visible on the client window on my monitor, but in the Compositor Rendering Mode still on average 90 (although very fast fluctuating by +-10fps). Since I didnt notice any judder/lag at all, this seems to be pretty accurate. ATW ftw!

Unfortunately the HUD overlay is pretty big and I didn't find a way to change the position or transparency. But it works and I'm happy with it. Maybe someone else finds a solution for that.

System Specs: ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3090 TUF GAMING OC 24GB , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.

Level 9
Does this still work? I have not used the DebugTool in a long time. I have the latest update 1.10 and I can't display anything in the HMD with the DebugTool. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Never mind. I got it working.I had to leave Debug HMD Type: Disabled. When I changed it to CV1 I got a black screen and had to restart the service.  The only thing I had to set was Visible HUD: Performance and now I get the frame rates and the HUD.

Level 8
Yeah had pretty much the same experience on Damaged Core last night. Maxed everything out, looked at the frame rate using Performance Summary in the HUD which was bouncing around 50. Switched it to Compositor Render Timing and it's rock solid at 90 and I noticed no difference in feel of the game. Have to say hats off to the team that came up with this implementation, it rocks.

I would also like to echo Shadowmasks point though, an option to have a small summary display with just the numbers in a corner would be great.

Level 7

From where can the debug tool be downloaded?

Level 7
Thanks for that!

Level 7
I was literally just thinking about this yesterday, thanks for that!