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I don't wanna be that guy... but my plan has been ruined

I was planning on updating my old desktop setup in may 2015 expecting to get the most out of my money to play the VR dream with the CV1. Hopefuly at a more affordable price (maybe graphics cards price lowered and so on).

But yesterday my 6870 HD died :cry: and now I'm wondering:

1.- Should I buy a new gfx similar to my dead 6870 and keep-on with the 2015 plan to buy a completely new system when CV1 comes out?

2.- Should I buy now the graphics card that I'll be using with CV1 when it comes out? (And maybe the whole new system too)

3.- Should I wait with my laptop until October when the new 870-880 series comes out? Could this drive other card prices to get lowered?

I would wait to see what the 800 series look like first in term of benchmark

you can always get a 750 ti for around 130$ and sell it back in less than a year for 80-100... that would be a cheap temp solution

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I would recommend buying a R9 270X (a little bit better than 7870) for now and get a top gpu later for cv1, when the performance has increased and the prices are already lower.
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I never seen a graphics card fail, thats weird, did you overclock it? did you know at what themperatures was working most of the time? i am curious to know what happened.
I would sugest you to buy a medium range card, even you could buy a used card just to keep you running in the mean time while you wait for new GPUs and the CV.
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I would just go for a good second hand card for not to much money. I sold my hd7950 after 1 year of use for 100 euro and bought it for just 30 euros more. Thats a loss of just 30 euro in one year. Cant recommend you something different.

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Depends on your budget, think 800 series are going to be expensive on release.

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I wouldn't spend a ton of money on a GPU right now. Even an 880 would have issues driving a lot of things with the CV1. Wait until there's a significant bump next year (GPU's will finally be getting a die shrink after being stuck there since the 6XX series.)

Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate your help.

@raid , @uvflyer
About buying a card and selling it later sounds like a good plan to safe most of my money but I'd prefer not to deal with it, I don't know if there is much "market" around here to sell graphics cards (I mean where I live xD).

About my card dying, this is the second one in my life that suddenly dies (previously a 9800 GTX died). And nope, no oc at all everything running at stock speeds. This time the card (6870 HD) died while I was watching a fullscreen youtube video! LOL. And I never noticed any weird temps with it, always running at about ~40ºC idle and ~70ºC while gaming.

@doodlepip , @Paul33993
About my "plan" I didn't plan to buy any 800 on release. Maybe around mid 2015 where prices are more stable. Furthermore It does not necesarily had to be a 800 series it could have been a 780 maybe.

Finally I've found a pretty cheap Sapphire R9 280X Dual-X for 209€ (take in mind that for most consumer electronics here in europe 1$ translates to 1€. Yeah it sucks). I think I'll take this one and start upgrading my pc now.
Then if I see that the R9 280X cannot deliver a stable 60fps 1440p even with low details experience with CV1 I'll have to sell it after all and buy a new one.