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I finally did it

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I decided to cancel after so much deliberation.  My heating oil company, True Gold Energy,  couldn't come until tuesday of next week.  I really wanted my heating oil on saturday or today at the latest.  I still have over 100 gallons in my tank, so there is no need for said heating oil, but frankly I am sick of these companies raking me over the coals with their exciting new oil products, sending hype levels to beyond belief.  I ordered 100 gallons of the state of the art #2 heating oil which just released last week.  BTUs have nearly doubled with the revolutionary fuel for the few home owners that were able to get it on release day.  My neighbor was outside gloating about his delivery this morning and claiming that he took 6 steaming hot showers and didn't run out of hot water once!  Why the heck couldn't they stop by and deliver my oil?  Apparently he called his order in 4 minutes earlier than me.  What a disgrace!  And to top it off?!  They aren't even answering my calls or emails, the voice mail auto attendant just says "Due to overwhelming demand we are slightly delayed and are unable to deliver Oil Slick 16.2 to all of our customers on time as originally planned.  We have decided to waive your delivery charge as a one time courtesy."    This is good news as that $5 delivery charge is a PITA.  That being said, I was really looking forward to watching my delivery man pump the oil THIS weekend and then go down to my basement to see the oil level rise on my tank gauge.  I am so fed up that I have emailed customer service my request to cancel and have decided to go with Jon's Garage Oil who is able to deliver 100 gallons tomorrow at 8am.  Unfortunately, his product is not as highly demanded and even costs a little more, but at least I can tell my neighbor that my oil tank is full too and he will no longer have the upper hand over me in the hood.  

I just feel sick over this and I know a lot of you will likely get upset over this news but I'm hoping that some of you can reaffirm my decision for me.  For those that are upset,  I hope that you will come to accept this as it was a serious decision for me.  I was having heart palpitations on saturday when the oil truck passed by my house and went across the street. I was fuming as the delivery man wouldn't make eye contact with me as he pumped 100 sweet gallons into my neighbors tank.  I feel so much better that I stuck it to them and canceled my order.  Sweet relief!    

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My Iron ore business is now delivering free of charge and because its under $1 million per delivery I no longer have to pay tax on it


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Would have been quicker to just say you cancelled and ordered a Vive.


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i would mark it as trolling... but there is no button for that :wink: 

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Volunteer Moderator
@Comixcroz if i could give you a Twain award I would .. clever, ironic and sarcastic ... 🙂 Not sure people will get the subtext tho.
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Level 5

Would have been quicker to just say you cancelled and ordered a Vive.


But I didn't!   o:)