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I guess I'm just a bitter old man.

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I just heard prices of the Nvidia 3000 series are going down faster than anywhere else in Germany. Meaning closer to the list price where it should be anyhow. Even before the pandemic etc. we had supply problems. If this is the way it's going to be than f..k pc vr and I wish pc vr would die.


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The only reason prices of 3x series of cards would be coming down would be availability getting better and scalpers not able to get the higher prices they once were. I got an EVGA 3090 FTW3 at MSRP way back in Nov and have been enjoying it ever since. 


If all the sellers had an anti scalper plan in place it would not have been so bad and more folks would have gotten a card at MSRP - though demand undoubtedly would still have exceeded supply somewhat.  Only reason I was able to get my card easily was the Que system put in place by EVGA to get more cards into everyday users hands. Maybe by the time the 4x series of cards arrive things will have settled down somewhat, we can hope.


2020 and 2021 have been crazy years no doubt - many industries suffering from shortages and not able to meet demand. I just hope 2022 gives us more a return to what we used to consider normalcy.

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This is a list of the cheapest RTX 3090 cards today in stock in Germany:


Price range from €2,000 - 3,700. That's from $ 2,350 to $ 4,330. 


Does not sound that cheap to me. Similar prices in Scandinavia, no price reductions. 


Note these are prices from local shops in Germany - prices are not from scalpers on Ebay etc.. Here in Scandinavia prices are also the same - even worse actually - cheapest RTX 3090 in stock costs $2,800 in local shops. 


One thing is sure though, if you wait long enough RTX 3090 will be very cheap 😉 Maybe waiting for Series 40 is a nice option, but not sure those cards will be cheaper nor easier to get. Gpu shortage may last to 2023:


Also some say Series 40 will be true monsters when it comes to power consumption - going up to a massive 500 w:


Thus soon Greta Thunberg may favor Series 30 to Series 40 😁


When I bought the 3090, I never considered waiting for Series 40. My thoughts were to either wait for PSVR2 in 2022 or get the 3090. Now I may do both... 


I plan to keep the 3090 for about 5 years - that's only $50 per month!



Btw, there's no reason to be bitter - some dude wrote this great song for RTX 3080 Ti and 3090 owners who worry about future price reductions 😉




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I mean, MSRP hasn’t changed. I wouldn’t consider scalper prices to be the real prices, because I wouldn’t buy from them. The supply situation is starting to improve, and stock is starting to show up at authorized retailers for the normal prices that the GPUs are supposed to have. It’s mostly the more expensive cards right now (RTX 3080 Ti and 3090), but the other models will come eventually. 

I agree that the situation sucks though. It’s almost a year since the release of the RTX 3000 line, and I’m still waiting for my chance to buy one.

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From one bitter old man to another...

I've waited so long for a GPU, now my CPU is well overdue for an upgrade too and systems are beginning to look like a very good option price-wise.

Scan have a 3080+11900K+2TB M.2+32GB RAM all in my preferred option of a mini ITX case with AIO cooler, for £2600 in stock, tempting.

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Another bitter oldie here I guess.  Actually waiting for the 2080ti to come down to a reasonable price for it's age. The 3000 series is out for me, Nvidia stripped the 3D vision code for DX11 games in all 3000 series drivers. 3D vision gaming still accounts for about 30% of my gaming time. 


I've noticed, I could get a 3090 for $1400 from best buy now, but still looks like $1000-$1200 for a 2080ti.  I can wait it out though, my 1080ti is serving me well for the games I'm playing now. 


 As far as the future, if PCVR doesn't take off and with PC3D no longer supported, I really don't see a need for a future PC video card. I don't play 2D games. Very possible I will be a future PSVR customer 



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Yeah, I'm now almost 7 years into my i7 5820K too, but it doesn't really feel necessary yet to upgrade the CPU (and with it, essentially, the whole system). I've done just about every other upgrade I could since I built this PC in 2014--new RAM, multiple SSDs, USB add-on boards, and one new GPU so far. The RTX 3080 will be the final upgrade for this PC, and then I'll just ride it for as long as it'll run.


The only things to make my CPU feel dated are resizable BAR (and I'm not sure whether that matters much), and Windows 11 compatibility, which is currently limited to CPUs released in the last couple years. My next upgrade will have to be a whole new system, but I think I can hold off on that for a few more years.

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Yeah, the 5820 was supurb buy, have had it longer than any other processor and is still good for everything I play... except Flight Simulator in VR!

It's one of those system upgrade programs, plus I'm looking for something a bit more transportable this time round, but am not in a rush, depends how many hours i put into FS and how much longer i can settle for playing it in pancake.

13700K, RTX 4070 Ti, Asus ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming, Corsair H150i Capellix, 64GB Corsair Vengence DDR5, Corsair 5000D Airflow, 4TB Samsung 870 , 2TB Samsung 990 Pro x 2, DK2, CV1, Rift-S, Quest, 2, 3, Pro


Actually, my next PC is going to be a Steam Deck this December. I find that I use my desktop PC less and less these days. Between portable web browsing on my iPad, portable VR on my Quest, and portable PC gaming on the Deck, I may not feel the need to ever get another desktop PC (although I still want to get an RTX 3080 into this one).

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Unfortunately I am a PC-gaming addict through and through. And of course since Jan 2017 a PC-VR gaming addict. It is PC only for me, but this a big hobby of mine plus also building my own systems I derive great pleasure from.  I started with the PC back in the early 90's and have not used any consoles since.