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I have also returned


Not wanting to steal any of @Pixie40's returning thunder, and not that its a competition or anything, but...

After a much longer time than November...

I have also returned - ("da da daaaaaa" -: Belt from 'The Croods')


My dusty and long unused CV1 still exists, but for me, VR became a thing of my past remembered only with very fond memories.

A lot has happened since I was last here.

I met a girl (a real one), who must have been broken as she seemed to like me.

She was keen to have me spend time away from the imaginary world (as she called VR) and live more in the real world.  **She's hot so she won. 

We travelled on holidays together, to real places using real planes (instead of my EVE Valkyre Wraith)
We did other... stuff together too.  Is NSFW still a super secret code in here?

If not, the privileged few who remember will know what I'm talking about... right 😉

***I guess all that time hiding in the bathroom cleaning my Oculus paid off 😉 😉


Ok then fine, I was secretly watching 'physical relationship training advice' and I like to pretend to myself I learned something and did something right 😉  


Anyways, long story short, we fell in love, I lost more hair, got engaged, bought a house, my dad died of cancer which was a difficult time :'( ,Corona virus took over the world - (you might have heard about that one), had my own health scare also turning my life upside down for months, which turned out not to be the case and feel like I've dodged 2 separate cancer bullets, now waiting on the world getting back to normal to get married, finally decorated a room for my PC which looks super cool.


I now have the Birthday option of getting a Quest2 very soon. 

2 of my friends have it already and say its really good but I've not been able to see theirs due to lock-down.
Must admit I am interested to compare for myself how VR has moved on after all this time, however I see I'm forced to have to sort out an unused Facebook locked account issue first, but that's another post.

I probably wont be as active with it all, but dont want to lose my Oculus account or the games a bought either.


**(I'm not really that shallow, shes a lovely person inside and out and I feel blessed she came into my life)

***(those straps get dirty from your hair gel you know!) 


"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

Grand Champion

Btw, if your CV1 is still in good shape, then the old King still bows to no one - more here:


Might even be a top solution for Alyx. Seriously - but that's due to the oled in the many dark places. And Alyx was made for perfect tracking, not the cheap lackluster inside-out tracking - nor any garbage piped-audio. CV1 supports IPD up to about 72 mm. 

As Kojack wrote - CV1 is still his favorite HMD, and I tend to agree - although Index totally wins in the few games we have with ultramersion (4K-ish) textures.

Now, most important is to activate super sampling (ss) of 1.5 to 2.0 with the CV1, or the image quality will be bad - this will require at least a GTX 1060 6GB - or better something like a RTX 2070. A great solution for CV1 ss 2.0 would be a RTX 3060 or 3070 - not kidding at all, the latter is what it will take to run Lone Echo with all settings maxed in solid 90 fps (includes ss 2.0 which also can be set in-game by setting the resolution to 2.0). You can use Oculus Tray Tool to set a permanent (Global) ss level of 1.5 - 2.0, and then set Oculus Tray Tool to run minimized every time you boot the rig. 

Thus think twice about getting that brand-new Toyota, if the old Ferrari still works. 2c.

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“ lackluster inside-out tracking ... garbage piped-audio” from someone who hasn’t tried it. Not true on either count. Quest 2’s tracking is excellent, on par with my 3-sensor CV1 setup, and works wherever I choose to use it instead of being limited to one play space. The built-in audio is surprisingly decent, and it’s nice not having anything touching your ears. Of course, you always have to option of plugging in headphones with the provided audio jack.

Also, bumping up the render resolution on low-res screens doesn’t compare to running that same high resolution on a screen with enough pixels to actually show a higher level of detail.


And of course, wireless PCVR gaming is the killer feature that you won’t get from your old CV1 or a triple-the-cost Index.

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Kojack wrote about the Q2 tracking - and I have no reasons to doubt his words:


"CV1 tracking is great, I prefer it to anything else. Q2 (Oculus Quest 2) tracking seems ok, but also has worse coverage than CV1. For example in Audica, if I try to throw the guns underarm from a resting position, they just release from my hands and float at my side, while on the CV1 they'd be thrown correctly."


So clearly Q2 tracking is not at all on par with 3 sensor CV1 tracking. Might be able to find many more posts affirming this on Reddit. 



Common Quest 2 tracking problems - and how to reduce them (none of these happen to CV1 owners)
"Just to pool information to save people trawling the post :

  • LED lights of any kind = bad for tracking
  • Sunlight = bad for tracking
  • Some apps are reportedly causing tracking issues
  • If none of the above are true for you, attempt to change the hz for electricity in the settings, try both 50 and 60 hz regardless of region
  • If lenses on headset has marks / finger prints this issue also occurs give them a clean with lens safe material / wipe / cloth
  • Bright TV / Monitors can also cause the above LED issue including standby lights
  • Too little light can also be a problem
  • Try to play away from reflective surfaces, Mirrors /large off TVs
  • Try to play in a room with as even lighting as possible, a lamp off to one side or uneven lighting also appears to cause similar issues"

Even Zenbane said that Q2 tracking was so bad it affected his abilities to play Beat Saber on Expert level. But maybe that was due to the sub-par wireless connection: "Virtual Desktop is great, but it didn't fair too well for me with Expert level Beat Saber."


That's still bad sub-par tracking to me, and a level of tracking (or lack of tracking volume to be more precise) that I personally would not accept - at least if I had other choices. Furthermore with CV1 you can have a totally dark room and still get perfect tracking - and I can hold my hands on my back for as long as I please 😉


Personally I'd say CV1 tracking is so close to Index tracking that I don't notice any significant difference - and Index is the gold standard by far, inside-out can't touch this - more info here from a scientific study to avoid any subjective bias:


For the audio quality, sure Quest 2 may be nice for kids, but no audiophile enthusiast will accept such low quality - like RoadToVR wrote about the Quest 2, and I can find tons of similar quotes:


"In terms of sound quality and volume, Quest 2’s speakers feel right in line with Quest. Meaning the audio is passable, but a far cry from from the quality you’d hear from something like Index or even the original Rift CV1."


Oculus Rift CV1, Valve Index & PSVR2, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 16TB SSD
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

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What you appear to be missing in your quoted comment is that he had issues with tracking in Expert+ beat saber while streaming PCVR wirelessly. This says nothing about the quality of the tracking, and everything about the latency of having to send the input over the network to the PC, then wait for a reply from the PC to update what's happening in-game.


There IS input lag when using Virtual Desktop to play PCVR games while untethered. For the most part, that input lag isn't anywhere near as bad as you are thinking it must be. But yeah, I can see why Expert+ in Beat Saber might be asking a bit much from that setup.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.


That Reddit thread is 6 months old, and there have been plenty of updates since then. Those problems definitely do not describe the common user experience, either. I have LED lightbulbs throughout my house, and have not had any tracking problems from them. Sunlight and mirrors are no more problematic for Quest than they are for CV1. Darkness is also not a problem for controller tracking. It does impact headset tracking (just like Rift S), although this can easily be solved with an IR light if you must play in the dark.


Anyway, if we’re going to cherrypick other people’s anecdotes rather than speaking from personal experience, I noticed a story the other day from a user who had returned his Index in favour of a Quest 2. He seems quite happy with his choice.

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Once again, @RuneSR2 - I will REMIND YOU that it was you who said that people should not judge hardware and software without first-hand experience. You heatedly defended the Index during the clickgate fiasco and argued that none the YouTube videos and reddit posts accurately depicted the Index experience.


Yet no matter how  many times I remind you of your own words around "avoiding judgement if you don't have first-hand experience," you continue to show up to this forum on a daily basis wrongfully judging the Quest 2; despite the fact that you have zero experience using it.


It is starting to seem more and more like all the complaints against the Index were quite valid, and your only response is to launch a crusade against the Quest as some sort of... payback? lol


The things you are saying are not accurate at all. You have been wrong about everything from the Quest's black levels, lens quality, the software experience, the immersive factor, and the tracking. Case in point... you completely misrepresented my quote about playing Beat Saber Expert+ on Quest. I was talking about the wireless streaming from virtual desktop.


Once I tethered my Quest to my laptop, I was able to perform Expert level moves perfectly fine with the same level of accuracy as my Rift CV1 experience.


As someone who, unlike you, has first-hand experience with both tethered PCVR and Quest 2, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that tethered PCVR experiences are a complete downgrade to the full VR experience. With Lone Echo, I can do full arena-scale level tetherless movement. Granted, an Index user would know next to nothing about this since games like Alyx aren't open-world and keep the player in a relatively small space. Alyx is practically rail shooter in disguise.


Unlike something such as Lone Echo which would let me use my entire backyard as my VR playground. 


You've gotten quite a bit wrong this week. First, you protested the RE4 news because you thought it was RE7, and now you're misunderstanding the tracking issue I reported with Quest and Beat Saber. It's becoming clear that these misunderstandings are the result of you just being on auto-reply with your protests. Just slow down a bit, bro. Read what's being said. Don't cherry-pick quotes that aid you on your crusade to criticize anything and everything Oculus. Try to be objective. And remember that Index still isn't being considered a great VR Kit anyway. The only 2 products worth considering today... are Quest 2 and the HP Reverb.



I shall add to this debate by just saying... lol 

"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

Well, in short - if you still have the CV1, you may consider trying to get it working, maybe it's not bad at all.



- and sure many like the Quest 2, and lcd seems to be the way everything is heading these days (I'd be surprised if PSVR2 doesn't come with lcd, even if PSVR also was oled). Using high-res lcd, games with 4k-ish textures do shine like never before, unfortunately there are still few of such games - like Alyx, Boneworks and Room VR. 

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"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

@Warbloke wrote:

I shall add to this debate by just saying... lol 

Does it feel like you never left? 😆

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yeh, it's a bit like going on holiday, then after your 1st day back at work you start to question if it was all a dream.

"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln