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I put up my rift for sale and it sold in 10 minutes

Level 4
Sadly, I have to sell my rift to pay some bills, and because I plan on getting the consumer version later, and it sold for 280 within 10 minutes. What awesome resale value! I enjoyed my rift for a year and only lost 20 bucks in resale. Also, I could have easily held out and possibly sold for even more than "at new" pricing, but I needed the money fast.

Level 4
The reason I wound up needing money to pay bills is that having my first credit card, I wasn't aware that banks could legally raise the credit card payments at their discretion, so I miscalculated (assuming that the banks were forced by law to operate as decent human beings and that the payments were steady). I wasn't aware that a bank could tell you "hey, use this credit, and the monthly payment will be this amount" , and then they could just double it when they like.

Level 3
Herolord, you sold your rift?! Sacriledge! 😉 Thats like selling your baby yes? Inconceivable. You told them it had flappy bird on it yes? I am seeing people trying to charge double here in Seattle if you can get something with flappy bird on it.

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Heroin = $131 per gram
Cocaine = $215 per gram
LSD = $3,000 per gram
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Original Flappy Bird = $100 Trillion I am looking into that LEEP VR I lack practical 3d knowledge, I have found some good links, but I am not sure if they are the ones you were talking about. Would you mind direct linking me to them? :oops:

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Do you know anywhere in Seattle i can pick one these up?

Level 5
And yet in the back of your mind you're thinking "it sold so fast... I should have asked for more!"
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interesting - I just had a look at the german marketplace and prices there seem to be much lower than just a month ago.
I am still playing with the idea of buying one or two really cheap extra Rifts for multiplayer tests 😄
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In November last year one Apple 1 sold for $330,000. Are you sure you did the right thing? Fantasy becomes Reality

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I'll never sell my two DK1's, because they are amazing piece of VR history.

Level 2
i also sold my DK1 since i have ordered the DK2 that i hope to get sooner rather then later 🙂

sold it for 75% of the new price almost instantly.

im sure i could have gotten allot more for it but im happy with the price i got and a 16 year old boy got the best birthday present ever because of it.

what more does a person want 😄

Level 4
And then there are those that make huge money out of it:
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