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I put up my rift for sale and it sold in 10 minutes

Level 4
Sadly, I have to sell my rift to pay some bills, and because I plan on getting the consumer version later, and it sold for 280 within 10 minutes. What awesome resale value! I enjoyed my rift for a year and only lost 20 bucks in resale. Also, I could have easily held out and possibly sold for even more than "at new" pricing, but I needed the money fast.

Level 2
That's a nice case for the PR1, oh wait… that's not a case.

Level 2
Palmer talks about the PR1 in this thread

Level 5
I think I´m just gonna keep DK1 not only for multiplayer tests but also as a memory of such an incredible year for and with VR. A lot happened since day 0 🙂