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I tried PSVR

I just tried yesterday the psvr at MIT, and what I can tell you is that
Sony expertise on display quality has pushed their headset far far away
from their other competitors. Sony has managed to beat Oculus and HTC on all
aspects regarding either design, comfort and visual experience, the only
weak point is the positional tracking.
First of all the hmd is extremely light and comfortable the headset is balanced
in a way that you don`t have any pressure on your nose and the headset never even touch your face.
Secondly I can guaranty you that they managed to remove the sde completely. Seriously there is no visible separation between pixel at all, even if you do see the pixels itself.
It is a big shame in that point for Oculus and htc because psvr lower resolution much much higher definition with no latency or visual artifacts.
No god rays no sde and no cpu or gpu update needed.
Otherwise for the tracking it is as good as a dk2 with wiimote.

Sony were never going to do a bad effort in this, after all they are still asking for a lot and have alot to loose in their own console universe.

I have psvr on order we are big console gamers but after all the comparisons psvr vs vive or cv1 it still comes down to it is good to own both (or all three) if you love vr and support it

that answer to me is yes and they are all offering different experiences, covered so many times in here before.

i still feel they can all live together and thrive
Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

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I must say i do like the design of the PSVR and love the fact that as a glasses wearer, the idea of easily placing the headset on with glasses is a plus. The tracking precision is where it is likely to get fustrating

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I'd love to give one a try, but I don't know anyone likely to get one, and it's not worth the ridiculous cost to get one to try it.

The thing I wished is the rift had the comfort and ease of putting on as the psvr has.

I do find it a pain each time I show some one and have to fiddle with the bloody straps like some s&m session.

Then I have to re-fiddle to get it back to how I like it and for some reason never feels the same.

Can't wait for some one to start making alternative faceplates. I know they have released the cad drawings but why oh why just make replacement ones available to buy. At least that way I could buy some and mod them to feel more comfortable and to wear with glasses.

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As someone who has also tried PSVR, I disagree.  I DID  see pixels, especially in red/orange color items.
It looked to me like they were able to mitigate some of if by blurring the lens.  I gathered blurry lens + no Anti Aliasing is what I was seeing.  The head set was comfortable but not near as comfortable to me as my CV1.
It felt like I was balancing something heavy on my head.  I do admit its a feat for them to do what they have done with a console PS4.  But to say its better than the CV1 is just hogwash...

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Zenbane said:

One thing I will say that is that consoles do tend to present a much more solid graphical experience. That's been the case since the invention of the console and PC. Take Skyrim as an example. Even after downloading the entire "remastered" Mod which attempts to make the world much more vibrant and beautiful, if you put your best PC monitor next to your best flat-screen TV, where your PC monitor shows a great Skyrim scene and your TV screen is showing let's say... Star Wars: BattleFront. There is a fairly noticeable visual quality improvement with the console game over the heavily modded and remastered Skyrim.

This is ludicrously wrong. Just wrong in every way to an exceptionally large degree.

Getting rid of the SDE is as simple as blurring the pixels enough, but I heard the PSVR text is easy to read so it's more like Sony did a great job with the pixel spacing.

You're leaving out a major aspect : Move controllers are not only less accurate and with more latency, they also don't include a thumbstick, and are tracked from the front only (no optional camera in your back), and every Move controlled game will reflect those hardware limitations.

Thing is Oculus VR is ~6 months late demonstrating what 360° hand tracking can do that 180° can't, so it's not like console users will be able to tell what they're missing out on before they commit to a purchase.