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If Oculus Rift has to change its name, what should it be?

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Can't use anything (that you wish it could be "in copyright reasons") i.e. (Nerve Gear)

(personally I honestly can't think of a good name but I'd love to hear your names)

Why do I bring this up?
A: Because all over the news lately Oculus VR is apparently getting sued by a company named Oculu (Dumb I know) but its happening.

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It's just a money grab and I doubt this other company will win over a stupid "similar" name lawsuit. I mean seriously does nobody have anything better to do in there life but sue everybody over stupid things? Like the whole ME3 lawsuit and the "coffee is too hot" lawsuits, we really do live in the world of Idiocracy or at least these idiots sure do.
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"ὀφθαλμός rift" of course, "ofthalmos rift" in latin characters, it's the greek word for eye :mrgreen:

Is this for real? Four threads about the same frivolous lawsuit? Like seriously :roll:

"barath" wrote:
I mean seriously does nobody have anything better to do in there life but sue everybody over stupid things?

To me this is like Patent Trolling, which is the only thing Apple seem to be doing for the past few years.
I am amazed they haven't jumped on the bandwagon and started hogging random VR Patents already, but give it a few years and I'll bet they grab something stupid and never release a single piece of VR Hardware
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Oculus won't be changing their name.

The two companies do not sell similar products and do not have a similar client base.,2817,2453283,00.asp

The Oculu complaint claimed that in 2012, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey "decided that he would simply add an 's' to Oculu's registered trademark and call his product and online video distribution network, Oculus," when the startup could have instead "adopted any number of trademarks."

Really? "Just added a 's' " ?

Oculus is a word. ( )

Oculu is not a word.

Its significantly more reasonable to conclude that OVR's intent was to simply use the word, as it refers to the eye and so does VR.

Oculus doesn't even distribute or stream videos, theres not even any videos on the front page, nor reference to videos. The videos that are scattered around the website are hosted on YouTube, just like everybody else does.

"There's a reason Oculus inquired about buying our client's website domain. They know the names are inherently too close and confusing," he added.

I'd try to buy it too, better marketing control. But dude, even just forwards to the website. If anything, Oculu gets exposure from this - not only by the lawsuit but by fat-fingered url's if someone doesn't type the S into the name then guess who the first result is? Not that anyone would care anyway if they screwed it up because the aren't related in business at all.

The only single thing they have to ride on is these mysterious plans for OVR to become some monster video streaming network that squishes Oculu out of business and there is no evidence to support that.

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Reposting what I said in another thread:

This is so absurdly ridiculous that I can barely believe it's not actualy a joke. That's the worst excuse for a patent troll case I've ever seen.

I'd love to see Plamer go on stage at trial and state something along this lines: "This is a mockery of this court, and an offense to the entire USA legal system, I will not stand for any settlings and will file for a fraud and extortion case and personally seek punishment for the perpetraitors."

These type of people should be in JAIL.

By the way, when did Oculus ever announce it's video streaming service? And since when does "Oculus" means "plural of Oculu"? :lol:

There is just no chance they can win or possibly even keep this case going on for long, Oculus, show them who's the boss and anihilate these trolls in court, make them go bankrupt with the compensation fees at the end of this, the world doesn't need companies who "roll" like this anyway.

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"SagaScrolls VR", with their first product the "Edge".

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Vultus VR

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"jojon" wrote:
"SagaScrolls VR", with their first product the "Edge".

Perfect!!! 😄 😄 😄

Does every product come with a complimentary bag of candy?