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If your iPhone spatial videos look weird, do this

Honored Guest

Hey all, I responded to a question recently about spatial videos recorded from a iPhone 15 Pro looking inverted, but not sure if the OP ever came back and saw it. Link is below.

If you try to view one of these videos yourself and it looks confusing, with the 3D effect inverted, what’s happening is you recorded it with your iPhone turned to the right, which puts the stereo cameras on the bottom. Currently the Quest software expects them on the top, which means rotating your camera to the left to shoot spatial video, with the stereo cameras on top. (Hopefully this is making sense.)

Because Quest 3 is assuming the left rotation, it doesn’t do anything different if you happened to rotate right. This means the two cameras are swapped, and the left video is shown to your right eye, and vice versa. The video is recorded right side up regardless, but the eyes have been swapped.

This makes 3D content press into the combined image, instead of coming out towards you, and produces a confusing visual to our brains. 

The easy fix is to remember to always rotate left when you shoot spatial videos. The real solution should be Meta updating the code to check the rotation in the EXIF data, and swapping which eye gets which slice of the video. Then it wouldn’t matter which way the phone is rotated, and all our unusable videos would now work correctly. I reported it to Meta as a bug a couple weeks ago, so hopefully this gets fixed eventually.