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Information about the Tracking

Level 2
Hi, i play vr since i think the beginning of cv1 and i have upgraded over the year to a 5 camera + 3 controller for the ingame camera. I have recently purchase the new quest 2 because of the improved graphics and the hate about third party solution for wireless vr (hope new quest2 over the air is coming)
So my question is about the tracking, in particular the Full Body one.
I know that the new controller and the old one are not compatible and they use different system to work, so in my mind came up the idea to use the old cv1 controllers as "trackers" like the one used for the Vive. I have still my full camera setup up so i would like to know if there is a way (maybe not inside the oculus app but in the steam one or else) to see those controller and "merge" the 2 tracking system. All the calibration and other things like the "support" of the old trackers are easy with a 3d printer and alot of patience but for the software one i'm like lost at all.

If u have some information about this, or maybe a different solution let me know 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The Oculus runtime can only run a single headset at once. When you activate the Quest 2 Link, the CV1 and its cameras are shut down, you can't have both run at once.

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Level 3
I have oculus. work great.