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It baffles me why they do it or more specifically why not?

Level 7

Game previews within a headset are 2D,I don't get it..............

Where is the 3D preview?

Put me in the game,let me see what its like...


I'm not buying a 2D game and I'm in the headset store looking to buy a VR game.


Obviously we would need to download some MB's but shouldn't it be an option to preview a game in 3D/VR?

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Do you mean the trailers that normally accompany store pages? Those are as easy to stream as any other video. Would you really prefer to download a good proportion of a game just to see what it looks like? The option to download a demo of a game is obviously a good thing but I'm not sure I'd be happy to download a gigabyte or two of data just to realise a game has an aesthetic I don't like.