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Laptop hardware for 3D software / Oculus / Unity 3D / Maya / VR Ready (nov.'16)

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Hi, I'm about to buy a new laptop and must admit, I've been into Apple solutions for quite some time. It looks like the world op PC laptops is huge and I really don't know where to start. I'm looking for a laptop to create professional 3D visualizations & animations (Maya, Adobe after effects, Unity 3D...). VR Oculus Ready and of course splendid image quality en rendering capabilities. Can anyone help me with that ? Dell or Alienware, Asus, Msi ?   Quality and performance is very important since the hardware will be used day & night.

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Does it have to be a laptop?

If you want to do some intense rendering with Maya, After effects etc having a desktop is soooo much more advisable. It also gives you the flexibility to upgrade components and increase storage size when needed.

It will also be much cheaper to have a desktop that can run the rift rather than a really expensive laptop, you'll get so much more for your money with a desktop, again especially if you want to do rendering.

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I understand but I'll have to use it on the field as well. 

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fair enough! I'd recommend getting a laptop with a 10 series Nvidia card in it, there was quite a big improvement over the 9 series and wourth the extra money.

I haven't really seen any reviews on their performance with a rift, so I don't really want to recommend a brand, I would just do some research yourself once you've found a couple in your price range. However I will say Alienware will charge you more for the same thing since they are a 'branded name' so I wouldn't recommend them.

Best bet is to start looking for laptops with 10 series card in, there aren't loads yet so shouldn't be hard to find a good selection.

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Maybe something like this = if you can get a laptop with a 1080 in it, all the better. It's a shame because at that price you could build a super desktop system. 
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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Techy111 & FrozenPea, your advice is very much appreciated !  My next purchase will be a desktop 🙂  Ok, I'll go for the Asus unless someone has a final alternative to compare with ? 

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This is the one I'll be buying in the next couple of weeks. Watch out for rogue sellers on Amazon requiring you to email them before purchase and make transactions via bank transfer - these c**** create 'just launched' multiple sellers, and they're popping up over over the place.

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Definitely check out the MSI Dominator pro laptops with the 1070.  I just bought an Alienware 15 R3 with the 1070 and I am very happy with it.  It is big and heavy but it is built like a tank and relatively thin.  I thought that I was having some temperature issues with it but it may have been solved.  The Alienware works great with bot the Rift and the Vive.

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Reviews at Amazon are not so positive about the ROG G752VS-GC054T. I'll compare all your suggestions and get back to you, thanks a lot everyone ! 

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I have been using Oculus hardware with a MSI 980M laptop for about a year with no problems (except for the wireless xbox issues with Windows 10 anniversary update).. I have had a few problems with a ASUS 980M laptop (I had to use the display port, I get BSOD sometimes, the Oculus sensor freaked out once and I only managed to fix it by reinstalling the Oculus software). so I am a bit more skeptical of ASUS. But I suspect that the 10x0 ASUS laptops may be fine.  They are even Oculus Ready

I would not recommend getting a 980M laptop at this point though unless you can get one at a big discount. Whatever you get make sure you do your research to find out if it works with Oculus devices. I suspect most GTX 10x0 laptops do but many 980M laptops have issues.

This laptop also looks interesting to me
They complain about the power suppy brick size and weight but it's about the same as the one with my MSI laptop.