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Leap Motion Interaction Engine now features UI designer and support for PC handheld controllers!


Hey everyone,

Our mission at Leap Motion is to make it seamless for people to interact with the digital world. Last year, we released an early access beta of the Leap Motion Interaction Engine, a layer that exists between the Unity game engine and real-world hand physics. Today, we're excited to release a major upgrade to the engine, which features fundamental object interactions, user interface design tools (including support for wearable interfaces!), and more.

We've also opened up massive improvements to cross-platform developer workflows by making it work seamlessly with hands and PC handheld controllers alike. This means if you’re already developing for the Oculus Touch or Vive controllers, you can easily support a range of input solutions.


You can learn more about this release on our blog, download the new Core Assets and Modules, and check out our new Unity documentation. To celebrate, we’re also offering 15% off the Leap Motion VR Developer Kit for one week in our web store.

We see the Interaction Engine (and newly introduced Graphic Renderer) as fundamental tools for all of VR that enable you to create natural and compelling interactions in a reliable and performant package. Now that it’s in your hands, we can’t wait to see what you build with it.

Head writer @ Leap Motion

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