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Leap Motion Sensor attachment DK2, 3D printed.

Hi All,

A 3D printed mount for the Leap Motion Sensor to attach to DK2 so we can at least have some kind of cheap motion detector for when it's absolutely necessary.

It fits into where the cover plate protects the HDMI and USB input are, and then the Leap Motion sensor just clicks in, and there's a stress relief for the USB3 cable too. It can be easily inserted and removed, but the bracket has been designed to make installing and removing the leap pretty easy too. I've designed it to provide minimum interference to the IR constellation LEDs so it doesn't affect tracking. The power led on the Leap is visible also.

Anyway, all I could find was poor quality sticky attachments for the Leap, so I thought I'd make something a little more dedicated and practical.


Just wondering if STL files can be uploaded here for others to download and print? I get "file not allowed" - Any suggestions?

I think if you put it in a zip it will work.
Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

STL file for printing attached - Print LEAP side down, in ABS, for best results. If anyone finds this useful, feedback would be appreciated - 🙂