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Liquid glass lens protection

Level 5
I already have really light micro scratches, they're only visible under direct light and from a specific angle


and I don't think that any cleaning method would prevent the lenses from getting more scratches.
Air is not strong enough to blow the dust away (especially not the small particles) and even a lens brush couldn't remove the small particles.

And since there is no real lens protector available right now, I thought that a Liquid glass protector might remove small scratches and harden the lenses, with the additional benefit of a slight water and oil repellent attribute.

(like this one)

But the Liquid glass uses alcohol and I don't know how resistant the lenses are / which plastic was used.
Some people seem to have used alcohol based lens cleaners without destroying their lenses, but I don't want to risk it.

Does someone know, which plastic is used for the lenses, tested alcohol on it or has (for whatever reason) some spare lenses ?


Level 7
I don't have any scratches or issues for about 2 weeks now and I just use a microfiber lens cloth to wipe it... if that can't get it off alone I simple breathe on it before wiping. No issues so far, do you wear glasses in them?

Level 12 sells nonprescription and pescrption lens covers. That's the answer.I have them on order. I also bought lens cleaner that doesnt contain alcohol which I haven't used yet and I'm trying not to use. Im trying to stick with a dry micro cloth. The micro scraches will not effect visuals on the rift. When I had my VR gear that uses the phone I had a big scratch and to my surprise it didn't effect visuals in the slightest.

Level 5
I don't wear glasses and I have a lens cleaning kit, that I use to clean the lenses.
Have you checked with a flashlight, that you dont't have micro scratches, otherwise they're not visible ?

The prescription  lenses don't seem to be the perfect solution and even though the scratches don't affect the visuals, I would like to have them gone and the lenses protected.
It's more of a mental thing.

Level 5
Some Vive users tested the liquid glass succesfully

and some rift users tested the effect of alcohol on the lenses
so I guess I will try the wipes.

The worst case, would be this:

Level 4
Any update on this? Anyone actually tested it?