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Looking Ahead to 2024: What Changes Might Come to VR/XR?

Honored Guest
As we ease into the new year, I've been pondering about the future of VR/XR tech in 2024. Do you reckon we'll see any significant shifts this year? Like, maybe VR going more mainstream with new releases, or perhaps becoming more budget-friendly?
I'm curious about your thoughts. Will this be the year VR/XR becomes a household thing, or will it continue to evolve behind the scenes? Let's chat about our predictions and expectations for the VR/XR world in 2024.

I'm expecting the shift to MR/AR to increase with the Apple Vision Pro and Quest 3.  Mixed reality will give a huge boost for first time users - I've already noticed that when demonstrating - no "oh my god I don't like this, where is my desk, my chair" any more.  Also, it'll be a huge boost to industry - CAD visualisation etc. - easier for people to wear them in the office and carry one working.

Looks like XReal might be bringing something new this year too - I just hope it's a global release (look for them at CES).

Not sure about budget-friendly.  Obviously there is some talk of Meta bringing out a cut-down Quest 3, but it's cut down?  Cut down means underwhelming - we need to get back to the "Wow!" moments.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3