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Make "High Performance" power scheme change optional

Level 3
May I ask what the reason is for forcing the power scheme to change to "High Performance"? I've been switching between "Balanced" and "High Performance" mode whilst games are running and have found no difference, except for my 6 cores not being forced to run at their max overclock and hitting the 80s. One of these games was Elite:Dangerous, where I found no difference whatsoever.

Could this switch be made optional?

Level 3
Err sorry, I can't find an edit button, I meant Eve:Valkyrie.

Level 11
If you're stressing over your CPU getting hot, then you should be able to set the high performance mode's CPU limit to less than 100%.

I didn't even realize the options were available for desktops, huh.

Level 3
That's not exactly a solution, I don't want to limit my CPU when it's set to High Performance, I just don't want power modes to be switched automatically (especially since it doesn't seem to be needed). That shouldn't be happening anyways, but at the very least it should be made optional.

Level 8
I think the reason for it is so that your computer doesn't shut down while you are playing Rift games. That's all that the power scheme controls, automatic shutting down of monitors, hard drives, and the computer itself.

Level 2
This function sucks! It not only switches to "high performance", but a modified one. It sets "USB selective suspend" to off, which causes my wireless headset to stop working when it's just 2 meters or further away from the adapter. However, it still works more than 10 meters away when this option is set to on. I have to turn on this option manually every time. Everything works smoothly with the Oculus when it's set to on, so it's completely useless for Oculus to do so but to ruin my wireless headset. WTF!

Level 2

Yes this is ridiculous! Also I have AMD and it doesn't even switch to AMD high performance power option just high performance. BS can't believe this problem is over 5 years old come on Oculus what are ya'll doing?

Level 2

It is ridiculous of Oculus to hijack my computer's power plan like that! Does anyone have a solution for this?

Level 8

I agree there should at least be an option to turn of, but the reason has to do with latency.

If there is a sudden need for more compute power in a game, you might get a lag spike while the CPU throttles up. And lag is a big no-no in VR.

sure but I have an amd so I'd prefer to to go to amd high performance at least