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Making a low cost buttkicker to use with the rift.

Level 5

Home made buttkicker guide

 My total cost is around £50 including the amp, transducer
and cables, plus some wood and elbow grease.

Here is what I used



Stereo minijack to phone cable 3m

I connect the sub out of my sound-card to the input of the
amp and connect the transducer to the right speaker output. I also set-up a 2.1
system on my realtek soundcard, in setting you can set how much goes to the
subwoofer to increase the range of the kicker.

I have the amp set to about 2/3 on volume which is plenty
for me.


I have a playseat challenge and decided to make two attachment
points to the seat. One to the back legs of the chair and one to the headrest.

For the back of the legs I used a plank of wood and drilled
holes so I can cabled tie it to the back of the chair legs. Just to remove any rattling
from the wood to the chair support I added some self-adhesive rubber pads
between where the wood touches the chair supports, the same ones you use under
furniture legs.

For the back of the headrest again a square plank of wood
with holes drilled and cabled tied to the headrest.

In the end the best results are from attaching the kicker to
the head rest, there is less vibration going to the floor, but if I wanted to
and if the misses would allow me I could attach another kicker to the other mounting
point on the chair legs.

Impact is amazing for so little money. The kicker is great
and very powerful; in fact if I turn it up you can feel it downstairs, like an earthquake.

I highly recommend trying this if you’re into a bit of DIY
or Modding.

This also works if you’re watching films in the rift and adds to the immersion.  

To solve the issue with mirroring the CV1 Audio I've done

1. In oculus go to settings - devices - select headset and
change the vr audio output to your internal sound card.

2. In windows go to playback devices and make sure your
internal sound card is set to default device.

3. Go to recording tab and select stereo mix as you
recording device ( if you don't have this option right click show disabled
devices, then is will show and enable the device).

4. Once you have stereo mix ticked right click and select

5. Click the listen tab and in the drop down menu below “playback
though this device” select rift headphones.

Apply and done. This has no delay to rift or speakers.

Been a great little project and pleased with the results.

One final option is to use a small crossover with built in frequency
option if you wanted to setup a stereo option to drive two kickers. See below.  

Then you would simply slpit the stereo out of the sound card
and send one to the speakers and one to the crossover.

Have fun