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Mark Cuban's "dizziness" cured by VR

Level 15
I came across an interesting read about Mark Cuban using Gear VR to help cure dizziness and vertigo that had afflicted him for some time:

Is anyone else using VR to help overcome anything similar?

In my case, I have consistently used my Rift to help cure my bodies reaction to omnipresence and extreme heights. My heights phobia has plagued me since I was in elementary school, but today I can leave over the edge of a 3 story building without any problems (and I am slowly able to do so at even higher elevations). All thanks to applications like the Oculus Dreamdeck.

Last night before bed I loaded up Dreamdeck and leaned way the hell over the ledge to see directly under it. Right now I can do it just fine as long as one hand is touching something physical in the room; although after the first minute my palms get mighty sweaty. This is a huge improvement over the first week, when the moment my eyes saw the ledge and my mind acknowledged the height... I screamed and pulled the headset completely off.

So those of you on my Oculus Friends list, whenever it shows that I'm in Dreamdeck, rest assured that I'm exposing myself to height therapy. Other apps that went a long way in helping with this: Chronos, Eve-Valkyrie, The Climb, Darknet.

I find it to be amazing and fascinating that VR can be used in this way. The money I spent on a new VR machine and the Rift itself has already paid for itself now that my phobia is becoming so much more manageable. Quality of life improvement n' all.

Anyone else doing something similar? Or is it just all video games and kittens?


Level 11
Great to hear that vr in general has yet another fascinating facet to delve into, personally I love heights (even with the vertigo feeling) but what kept me away from anything height-wise was the nagging thought I couldn't shake when I got to a high place "How many people have fallen to their deaths from this height?" Now when I go to a high area, that voice is replaced by; "WOW this is gorgeous, how did I used to hate this?"

Level 7

Hey, Zenbane. Interesting post. I've never really had problem with heights, but its cool to know that VR can be used to help ease the phobia. As you post the particular titles you are using, I'm wondering if you have tried "Edge of Nowhere". It seems like the titles you list all help by putting you in a scenario where you have some sort of supporting platform underneath you while you are high up... Edge of Nowhere might be the "next level" in your therapy by removing the supporting platform beneath you as you hang by your ice-picks on a shear ice cliff at ridiculous heights. 🙂

Level 8
There are many places developing apps specifically for this type of thing.  I remember the DK2 spiders demo for arachnophobia.  That one was pretty creepy. You had to hold your fingers on the keyboard while spiders climbed up your arms and around your back.

Level 15
Oh I do love Edge of Nowhere, I beat it the same week it was released. Those wall climbs and jumps definitely got my heart racing, palms sweaty, and butt cheeks clenched. Fabulous therapy :wink:

Level 7
Funny it's one of the first thing I said when I was exposed to the dreamdeck demo, that this should be used to cure various kinds of phobias. Glad to hear it actually works. Oh and yes, edge of nowhere by far the most awesome game on the rift so far if you ask me.

Level 2
I have oculus to go.i cant find any of that aplication. for sure that vr headset help with vertigo and vestibular problems