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Meaning of order status

Honored Guest
I've run into this a lot with online shops that give you information about your order.

They use terms that explain the current status of your order, but never actually explain what they mean, and it's not always intuitive.

I'm getting the same feeling here. While I'm not too bothered about the delivery issues everyone seems to be talking about, I would appreciate knowing what the order status information on the account page actually means.

For instance, mine currently says,


People also talk about it saying 'processing'.

So just as a general idea,
- What order status values have people seen.
- What do the different statuses, such as 'ready' and 'processing' (and whatever else might exist) actually mean?

Honored Guest
I believe there are four statuses;
Not Ready - Meaning your payment information and shipping details need to be confirmed
Ready - Meaning your payment and shipping details have been approved and confirmed
Processing - Meaning your order is in the process of being shipped (it's been queued up but not left yet)
Shipped - It's on its way to you

Mine isn't processing yet so I can't say if I have missed any of them but this is what I have been able to gather from various forum posts etc.

Honored Guest

That helps make a bit more sense of the situation.

Honored Guest
Order number in the 1200s here and international backer. Mines been in the processing status for at least a week now. I'm not sure what this means but it changed at the same time they announced setting up an international fulfilment network.

I hope this is all going well and will be shipped soon.

/me waits patiently.

Honored Guest
mine says opened