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Medal Of Honour Above & Beyond Story Trailer

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Looks cool so far.

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Just watched it and I am hyped for this. Definitely looks promising and Respawn has a good track record with their previous games. 

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Damn, it looks really good. I'm officially hyped for this game.
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Oh yeah baby, bring it on!!

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Looks great, although the trailer probably won't impress my pancake loving friends too much. 

Now we just need Lone Echo which soon may be more than 1 year late to the show...

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Looks great - thanks for sharing @Shadowmask72 "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

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Looks very good, there seems to be a lot of varied environments... hopefully that means it'll be a reasonably big game.

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Can't wait to play this! Killing Nazis in video games is awesome. Killing Nazis in video games in VR is even awesomerer. B)

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Hmmm, I really hope we aren't going to have all that B-film blather or FMV in the game - it's the reason I ditched CoD after 4. I did buy later ones on very cheap Steam sales, but they are even worse - watch 3 minutes of video, do some menial task, then watch another few minutes of video.  Really not my thing at all.

If that's just trailer stuff (like that awesome one for Dead Island - unsurpassed imho) then that's fine - but please not in the game. I'll wait for gameplay videos after release.
(edit - this one)

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JD-UK said:

(like that awesome one for Dead Island - unsurpassed imho)...
(edit - this one)

I agree, that Dead Island trailer was one of the best ever made. Loved it when I first saw it, and it still holds up. Better than the game itself.

Anyway, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond looks pretty good, and Respawn know how to make a great game, so I’m sure this will be top notch.

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