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Mental Health America of San Diego- Nonprofit community pilot support

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I am with Mental Health America of San Diego County, a nonprofit community organization that has focused in four areas: advocacy, education, services, and research. We are looking to implement VR into the mental health services we provide to clients and mental health professionals by addressing mental health through the use of virtual reality as a delivery alternative. Currently we are starting a small case study with 36 mental health professionals to see how virtual reality can help improve their physical and psychological well-being, the goal is to improve individual’s ability to form positive relationships with clients, and feel connected and supported. Our focus will be to help the helpers, care for the mental health of professionals in the field caring for others. We plan on levering our findings to create grants from local and federal agencies as well as private sources such as corporate organizations and private foundations. I am reaching out to see if Oculus would be interested in sponsoring this project in any capacity. I personally have been using Oculus for some time and it helped me in creating this prospective program. Looking forward to connecting with your representative.

Orlando Garcia

Program Manager

Mental Health America of San Diego County

501(c)(3) tax id: 95-1948185

4069 30th St. San Diego, CA 92104

Cell:  (619) 942-0309


Level 2

Any update on your research?