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Meta (Facebook) is buying Within, creators of the 'Supernatural' VR fitness app


One thing to note before moving on to the acquisition news, is that "Meta" is not only replacing "Oculus" but also "Facebook" itself. The name "Facebook" will now only represent the Social Media app, not the parent company. The parent company is now Meta. I felt the need to clarify that after reading several posts that seem to indicate that Facebook is still Facebook but has decided to simply replace "Oculus" with "Meta." But that is not the case.


Anyway, on to the news!


A day after Facebook’s rebranding as Meta, the company announced that it is acquiring Within. The Los Angeles firm is the developer of Supernatural, a Beat Saber-style workout app, Supernatural has been one of the real success stories in virtual reality fitness, with movement-based high-impact cardio exercises.


“We are excited because our partnership with Meta means we will have more resources to expand and bring you even more music, more creative ways to workout, more features and more social experiences for VR. And of course, we will still be launching new workouts every single day,” Within CEO Chris Milk and Head of Fitness Leanne Pedante wrote in a blog post.


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