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Meta Quest Pro and Link Cable?

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Hi everyone. I'm planning on the installation for around 30 Meta Quest Pro headsets in a classroom environment, to be used in stationary mode. As this will be in a classroom, I'm concerned about the recharging of the batteries. While actual in-class use may rarely exceed 2 hours, with another class coming in afterwards, there won't be adequate time to recharge the batteries for standalone stationary use. Can someone confirm for me the Link cable's abilities?


Does it provide data as well as power, to the headset?

Does it charge the battery while connected as well?

How physically secure are the connections- can they easily be disconnected by body movement?

How long is the cable?


One advantage also of leaving them connected, is I am concerned about the ability for any in standalone mode to walk out of the room (yes, people do steal things from classrooms). However, it's super easy to unplug a connection. Has anyone seen any kind of connection that might allow a more secure connection to the headset of the cable to help the cable function as a security tether as well?


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For the Link Cable (official one) I can answer a few questions since I own one.


[quote]Does it provide data as well as power, to the headset?[/quote]


Yes, it does provide both data and power...


[quote]Does it charge the battery while connected as well?[/quote]


... but during more active content (games, most apps that aren't just browsing the web) the power usage will be greater then the power draw from the PC or wall socket. Battery drain will slow down drastically, to the point where maybe 20% power will get used during an 8 hour session rather then the battery being fully drained after 3-4 hours. Another option might be to use battery packs that can be swapped out as needed.


[quote]How physically secure are the connections- can they easily be disconnected by body movement?[/quote]


It's fairly secure where it connects to the headset, but as I can attest... someone tripping over the cable can (and probably will) wreck the cable as it gets pulled out of the PC... while bending the USB-C connector in ways it's not suppose to bend. I had to replace my Link cable because of someone I like to call Fumblefoot McGee


[quote]How long is the cable?[/quote]


About 9 feet long, I believe. I'd have to either check the store page or measure it in more detail to be more accurate.


As for making it a more permanent connection that can act as a tether, not sure how you'd do that. While it doesn't easily pop out of the headset and wont come loose during normal usage, at the end of the day it's designed to be removable.

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The official Link cable is 5m / 16feet.

It's a hybrid fibre optic and copper cable (fibre optic for data, copper for power).

There's also third party cables that are even longer, but they aren't as reliable. I bought 3 from Amazon (6m long), they keep losing connection or won't connect at all. Probably ok for power though, but not for PCVR with Link.


Security is a bit hard. I guess you could cable tie the Link cable to the side arm of the headset, that would make it slightly harder to run off with.

Or for a more reliable connection when you don't have theft concerns, use a velcro cable tie in the same way, it will take some of the stress off of the plug.

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