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Meta Quest+ Subscription Service Launches Today


Quest+ is a new subscription service for Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro.

For $8 a month (or $60 per year) you get access to two new games every month. The games are chosen by Meta and are revealed at the start of every month.

As long as you keep your subscription valid, you keep all previous month's games.

Starting now, the first 2 games are Pistol Whip and Pixel Ripped 1995. In August it will be Walkabout Mini Golf and Mothergunship: Forge.

Between now and July 31 the first month will be only $1.


If you cancel your subscription, you lose access to the games you got via this service. But if you later join up again, it restores everything you previously got.



Unfortunately Quest 1 and Rift owners are left out. (Even though games like Pistol Whip and Walkabout MiniGolf run on them). Or at least Quest 1 seems left out, the blog only mentions it working on Quest 2 and above. But is that a physical block or just ignoring the Quest 1 but it works?


(The subscribe now button on the blog is broken, it goes to a missing page)

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I'm wondering, if Steam had had a similar subscription when it started and I could go back in time... whether I would have been better off doing that than buying games!

I must have spent a fortune by now. I think the last big buy for me was Company of Heroes 3 Premium Edition at £70, that's £10 more than an annual Meta subscription just on a single game! I think I need to re-evaluate my spending. On the other hand, I'll never lose my Steam games, and apparently I can bequeath my library to someone if I make a digital will, who knew! maybe I should pick someone here, you never know what tomorrow has in store!!! Where's Atmos these days? he felt like a son to me.

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Even if you have a subscription, you still buy games.
There will always be games you want to own forever.....and for example, I wouldn't buy DLCs for a game I only have on subscription.
Also, I don't think games in this price range will fall into the subscription.

But who knows... maybe Meta will surprise me😂

Speaking for myself, the number of games that I want to "owner forever" is incredibly miniscule. There are just so many games on the market across such a wide array of genres, that I'm more focused on completing a game quickly and moving on. It is incredibly rare for me to want to own a game forever as I will likely never replay it in this lifetime.

The only exception here (for me), are old classic games. I'll always go back to the original Thief, WarCraft 2, StarCraft 1, and StoneKeep. Titles that I still own the physical box for. Much like I still have my original Atari 2600 and SNES.

But modern games? Nah. There's anomalies like Skyrim and Valheim, which would definitely inspire me to own forever due to their longevity via the Modding community. And the whole "Early Access" category adds to the list of exceptions, since a game can stay in Early Access for years at a time.

But overall, most games fail to be truly compelling. And since my time is very limited, I rarely even hit the mid-game to most games, let alone the end-game... and let alone a desire to own it forever for future DLC's.

Subscription services are perfect for the current landscape. The number of games that are worth "owning forever" are few and far between. They are the exception to the rule, and exceptions don't define the rule itself.

Many of what you say is right.
I was thinking more about games like beat saber, walkabout mini golf and so on.
I play beat saber more than four years now....I wouldn't like having this game only in a subscription.

I like subscriptions too - I have vive infinity - but not for all games.

Yeah, Beat Saber and Mini Golf are definitely titles that I would consider as exceptions to the rule. It would be nice if we had hundreds of titles of the same caliber, but sadly with do not, currently.

Not to mention that there are those consumers who genuinely dislike Beat Saber and Mini Golf. For them, subscription works since they can try these titles without fully investing.

Yes, I agree
I'm one of these persons who don't like minigolf in real life very much, so I never got the idea to buy that game.
But I tried it within my infinity subscription, found it fun.....and they came out with a Myst😍 course.
I bought it ......and all DLCs😁


@Zenbane You would like that Myst course in Walkabout. The one based on Labyrinth is also pretty cool.

I was looking at the subscription, and it seems that you only get the first month for $1 if you go with the monthly plan—there doesn’t seem to be a discount for the annual plan. I guess you could cancel after the $1 first month, then sign up for the year instead?

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