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Misc questions for experienced Rifters.

Heroic Explorer

Just got a bunch of random questions.  If anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated 🙂

  1. What is the best render resolution target? Obviously the higher the better, But because of pre wrapping the image to counter the lens distortion on the rift, is there a magic percent like 130% where the wrapping has enough pixels not to have any compression artifacts?

  2. Is there a way to control Spotify within VR?

  3. 3 Sensor setup, I have read that a triangle setup is the best. I have also heard that it’s good to have 1 sensor on ground level while the other 2 are ceiling mounted.  Is there any truth to this?

  4. Steam VR Spatial Audio, Do we need to turn on Windows Sonic for headphones?
    Fallout 4 VR has a mod that does true 3d positional sound which works, But do I leave Sonic off or on for other Steam VR games?  Also, Steam VR’s version of asynchronous reprojection has to be off for the Rifts reprojection to work.

  5. Where does one find circle prescription lens in Australia online? I have a 3d printer and can make a adaptation to fit with the rift but cannot find anywhere online to buy just the prescription lens without a frame

  6. Is there any touch controller lag? Sometimes I think I can notice it but other times I’m not too sure.  Also, how does the touch controllers connect to the PC, Does the headset have a built in wireless receiver?

  7. Is the Steam VR setup pointless? It seems that the guardian settings are patched straight into Steam VR overwriting Steam VR’s version. Is this how it works?

  8. How does one message from mobile straight to the rift while in Oculus games or in SteamVR games?

  9. How do you turn on FPS counter for both Oculus and Steam VR games? I still can’t find the option.

  10. What nVidia drivers are best? Just the latest ones? Are there any other optimizations that can be made for the rift?

  11. Is there a way to turn off black smear by turning all the blacks to have that red tint I’ve read about?

  12. Does anyone know of any company working on third party full body motion tracking sensors for the rift
  13. Has anyone 3d printed a add on to slot the Touch controllers into for a particular game?
  14. Is there a way to minimize the Oculus store into the system tray?

Off topic but a big thank you to the Oculus team and Palmer and all of their hard work and continued commitment to burning money trying to bring VR mainstream.  While I firmly believe in VR technology, Now that I have had a chance to inspect the CV1, the quality of the entire package is extremely good. I also wasn’t prepared for just how good touch controls was(Bloody phenomenal).  I know every area needs improvement and we will be laughing at the CV1 in 10 years(more like 5 years). But in today’s standards, It’s solid in all areas. It’s what I care about most. Not fancy ‘named’ 8k with highly distorted huge FOV. 

Solid tracking, Solid build, Solid controllers, Solid display.  As such I will be always buying from the Oculus store if I can. (Fallout 4 wasn’t a option)

Exciting times!

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Heroic Explorer
I have just 1 question...did you make 477 posts on a VR forum before actually trying VR?  :#
When Einstein was asked how it felt to be the smartest man on Earth, he replied, “I wouldn’t know. Ask Nikola Tesla”.

Heroic Explorer

I have just 1 question...did you make 477 posts on a VR forum before actually trying VR?  :#

Nah, I didn't go in blind.  I have had a gearVR for a while now. I've tried the dk2 and vive at briefly at events. Even a paid warehouse VR setup. So I knew vaguely what to expect. These forums were around before the release of CV1 also.  Just couldn't afford to get a CV1 till now.
Visit my amateur homegrown indie game company website!