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My avatar is stuck as a female

Level 2

Not sure how to switch to male, but could use some help. Have some weird issue. My avatar poses as a female, but I can select a beard and stuff, but it is still obviously a female. Also almost all of the clothes options I have are female, like dresses and crop top stuff. There are some gender neutral clothes but even if I select those and a beard my character still looks and poses like a female. I looked all over and didn't see a way to alter the gender, pose, etc. Any tips?


Level 7

As far as I know, you can only change your avatar's features — currently there is no way to delete your avatar or change its gender. 😢

See here and here

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Weird. I never even had the opportunity to pick male it just put me as female to begin with lol

Level 7

Yeah, that's unfortunate. Hopefully Meta will add the ability to delete or edit our avatar. 🤞

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

@StyroFF can you post a screenshot of the cloths selection you're given? We've had a couple threads on this and no-one seems able to post a screen-shot, it would be really useful to see what's going on.

There isn't a gender choice for Meta avatars, you chose things like, eyes, nose, mouth, hair style etc to suit your taste, many of these are influential in the appearance of an avatar's gender, but there's no overriding male or female pre-set. You just choose individual features.

As far as clothes, everyone should have the exact same choice of clothes no-matter what facial features you choose.

Here's my avatar and the universal pose when in the editor.


This shows a small portion of the 164 (I think) different clothes choices, are these same clothes not showing up for you? How many clothes choices are you seeing? Not sure about poses, your avatar just does what you do. The avatar editor screen has a pose, but I never thought of it as a gender specific.

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Level 5

Hey, when I turned on my headset today I suddenly had these awful scrawny, glossy grey noodle arms and effeminate hands holding my controllers in VR. Disembodied hands were way less immersion breaking and occluded less of the image. Does anyone know if we can opt for the old floating hands?

Level 3

I’m in the same situation. This is such 💩. Only female clothes selection for male avatar.. I just won’t make or I’ll wear only 1 outfit forever because I won’t be wearing the dress. Ridiculous there’snot a male or female option 

Honestly, out of all these people claiming to have this issue, not a single one of them has posted screen shots. 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?


 Guy character. Girl clothes…

As the mod mentioned, there are no male or female avatars. Everyone gets the same gender neutral body type. What there are is clothing and facial features that suggest male or female. That said, men can wear dresses too. 🙂

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