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Nausea Tip for VR Gamers: Ginger Root Slices with Lime!

Level 3
As a new VR gamer I experienced some nausea and then I remembered that ginger can help with nausea. (Like ginger ale on a long trip/flight.) So I bought some ginger root, cut up some thin slices (it's very spicy). Then I added a bit of sliced lime to keep the ginger slices from drying out and to offset the spiciness.

I hope this is a helpful tip for someone - please post if you find that it is!

Level 3
Ginger Ale also works, but read the labels before you buy. Most "Ginger Ale" soft drinks do not actually have any ginger in them. Try Reed's or Zeva ginger ales.

And Sea-Band Nausea Relief bands work too.