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Need a way to easily distinguish between games that are sitting only, or standing/roomscale.

Level 4

Right now, it is a chore to see if a game supports sitting, or requires standing/roomscale. You have to go into your apps, click the details of the game and scroll to the game page to see what it supports. Even then, I've tried playing some games that say they support sitting, but put objects below your waist level that you can't grab while sitting on a chair or couch. We need a better way to manage these games. Maybe add icons to each game icon, that has symbols for sitting, standing, room scale. That way each game would be easily identifiable.



Level 4

I don’t think it’s to hard to go into your library and see what games you can play while seated. You’re literally just opening and tapping a couple of tabs...

Level 13

Steam already does this.  Oculus copies everything steam does so it'll eventually be on the oculus store.




Yes either some filter or just an icon on the Oculus game dashboard next to each game.