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New Facebook Rules for Oculus Users!

Level 15

This would seem to underpin the feeling that some posters on other forums have voices that the Facebook management are not enamored with the previous Oculus community and want to achieve a "hard reset" over what has passed. Totally distancing themselves from the previous Oculus userbase and focusing on the brand new uplands envisaged for the Quest-2, with no pesky baggage. It is the kind'a ultimate slap in the face to the 12-month old Rift-S and Quest-1 community who may also have brought a Quest-2, hoping they would be able to pick which platform they could use dependent on what they wanted to do that day!

Like all things currently, I am sure the devil is in the details - and can be rolled back at any time if the backlash proves embarrassing. 

yxc82bphlv5o.png "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 12
Zenbane said:

This forum's ignore feature doesn't work well at all. People use it as a weapon instead of a peace keeping mechanism. In my case, there are specific posters who will  publicly state that they have me on their Ignore list, and then enter every thread I create, contradict my opinions, and then tell everyone I'm on ignore lol

The Facebook block feature is far more effective. And one I look forward to one day having if this forum is ever integrated with Facebook. 

5 years in the future....Flying cars and Facebook blocking is introduced on the forum....

Zenbane checks the latest threads..  😄


Level 15