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New VRcover Oculus Rift Facial Interface & Foam Replacement First Impressions

Heroic Explorer

So I got my new facial interface and pad set from VRCover today and I've gotta say I really like these! The new interface is not only very comfortable but I can confirm now that what I had been reading about them is true... they do seem to increase the FOV in the Rift. Not only did they increase the FOV but for me they also had a similar effect to my Gear VR foam MOD in the fact that they seemed to push the God Rays farther into my peripheral vision making them more tolerable. I'm not saying that this totally removed them but now they seem to be more of a smudging on the outer peripheral view rather than direct beams of light in my central vision. This may not be the case for everyone but it is helping me to cope with this lingering issue. Another great aspect of the new padding is that it is now removable from the facial interface. Having the ability to switch the pads is great for demo purposes or after a long sweaty session with the new Oculus Touch controllers! Overall I am very happy with these new additions to my Oculus Rift and would recommend them to anyone looking to get a bit more comfort and FOV out of their Rift experiences.
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If it were for the cost. I'd totes get these
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How is facial being beeped out. Fir feck sake. 

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I'm farsighted so when I look at Home and the tile selections have wording it is blurry, will this help with that?

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I got the Premium. The way they don't offer options and overprice these packages is ridiculous . The thicker pads are actually uncomfortable and decrease the FOV significantly. The thin are much better, but couldn't they at least offer two interfaces instead of just one since they have two thin offerings? They should allow you to at least buy the interface separately along with either the leather or Valour separately as well. Anytime you force customers into a package of things you won't use it's a non consumer friendly business model. So if money is no object, buy away....but both packages are ridiculously overpriced.