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New to DK2 - Need your help!

Level 2

I'm relatively new to this forum and while I'm sure there are many topics regarding hardware, I could not find an exact answer to my questions. I'm hoping ya'll could help me!!

I ordered the DK2 and I'm in the market for a new LAPTOP to run this. Specifically, I have the Gigabyte P34Gv2 in mind. A laptop because I hope to carry it around and market the rift to friends/family. With that said, there are a few concerns with running the rift on this laptop.

Here is a link to the specs:

1) Will this laptop be able to provide a nice experience with DK2?

2) I've read about how DK2 will support higher refresh rates, 75 Hz. I'm no expert on computer hardware, and I could not find the refresh rate on this laptop screen. Will I need to buy a 75 Hz computer monitor to get the best experience or will running the rift from the laptop work just as well?

3) The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 but only 14 inches. Does the size of the screen matter or just the resolution/Hz/FPS?

Thank you so much guys!! Below are some of the laptop specs:

Operating System
Windows 8.1 64-Bit

CPU Type
Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.4GHz

1920 x 1080

Memory Size

Hard Disk

Graphics Card

Video Memory

Level 3
1)Yes. You won't have any problem running demos at 75FPS. In some cases you will have to adjust the graphics (of course you won't be able to run AAA games in ultra at 75FPS)

2)You don't need to have a 75Hz monitor.

3)The screen size does not matter at all


Level 4
Welcome to VR!

I have to say, by the nature of your questions, you might consider holding off until the consumer model becomes available.

Screen size of your laptop is totally irrelevant. Just having asked that question, may indicate that you may be getting ahead of yourself with buying a Development Kit. Certainly, if you've got $400 burning a hole in your pocket, why not!

I'd spend a good deal of time reading through much of the technical discussions here and on to gain an understanding of hardware and it's limitations/interfaces/compatibility, etc.

Where system specs are concerned, your mileage will depend greatly upon the demands of the applications you wish to run. Even a modest PC is likely strong enough to run many compelling applications in VR. It depends greatly upon what you'd like to "see." Currently, the DK2 Rift can benefit from the latest and greatest GPUs out there, as some Rift-compatible software is very demanding.

Good luck and have fun!

Level 2
Thank you all so much for answering so promptly!

Level 3
"hpark828" wrote:
Thank you all so much for answering so promptly!

Fast as lightning

Level 4
The benchmarks below are not going to give you an idea of performance in VR. For VR, we have to render to a higher resolution target than the screen due to the optical characteristics of the design and the compensation required by the SW/HW. In addition, true stereo VR requires that we set up and render two discrete frustums for each eye, which also impacts frame times.

I browse standard benchmarks as well, but they only give an idea of relative performance between solutions.