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Newbee with minimal understanding needing help!

Level 2

Hi folks. 

I'm probably quite a bit older than the average user as I bought the Oculus quest 2 mainly for when my granddaughter visits. So with that being said, I'm starting with 2 (probably very basic questions). Hopefully I can get a little help. 


First. When I first started the Oculus up, I had all kinds of free options such as climbing Everest, clubbing in Tokyo, and a bunch of other stuff. Was that an introductory thing as I don't seem to have any of it anymore?


Secondly. One of the only things I've downloaded so far is Richie's Plank. At first it was fine, but now it seems that when I start it, you're always outside the elevator and by the time you get in it and start walking, you hit the boundary marker even though I set up a new one each time.


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Level 2

Great help. Appreciate it!