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Newbie VR Question

Honored Guest

Hello everyone, so I'm really curious about VR and I planning to buy one and try it. What's the best entry VR headset? I'm not looking for the best one because I'm not even sure I'll like it and that I'll use it in the long term.

How does it really work? Does it like, play VR only games?

Are there other and more/upcoming VR version of games like Skyrim? (I'm excited for that)

How strong does PC need to be? Is it possible for a Laptop (I'm always on the move, I have a gaming laptop with me)

What about movies? Does it function like a 3D/IMAX movie on Cinema? If so, I'm sold.

And finally, how is it for you? Is VR really that good? Or is it overhyped?


Well, assuming you know you are on a Meta community forum and not just randomly crossposting to ever VR forum you can find, the obvious answer is the Quest 2, particularly if you are not sure if VR will be for you or not.

You seem focussed on PCVR (Meta do not make a dedicated PCVR headset) so I suggest you check the compatibility page here to make sure your specs are OK.