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Nice video of a person creating Star Wars space fight scene in Tiltbrush

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Cool to watch. πŸ™‚

Sadly, 99% of it is done by the person's skill, so don't haste to think "wow! I want to do this too!" unless you have any art skills πŸ˜‰

PS. Before someone calls me Valve fan, let me just say the recent interview with Gabe Nawell proved that Valve treats VR just as seriously as Half-Life 3, Steam Machines, Steam support etc.   Made me very sad. 😞
(and I don't mean the stupid headlines made by taking things out of context, but what Gabe said about their expectations in terms of VR popularization.)
Not an Oculus hater, but not a fan anymore. Still lots of respect for the team-Carmack, Abrash. Oculus is driven by big corporation principles now. That brings painful effects already, more to come in the future. This is not the Oculus I once cheered for.

Love it!

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That was Awesome!
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Pretty insane level of talent going on there.  I have a friend who is very good at drawing and painting and I'm hoping she'll give Medium a try when I get back home to my Rift. 

Is it easy for people to share creations made in Medium or Tilt Brush with other VR users?  Take this video as an example, I'm betting it's even more impressive viewing the final product in VR than it is watching it on a flat screen.
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