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No updates on updates

Level 5

Going through the forums and the blogs I see lots of people posting their issues and getting responses that updates are in the works, and on the blog we see updates on all the new things coming or releasing. However we see no updates on fixes for the v37 update. like there was a list of things v37 is supposed to give us, some people have issues so they tell you the fixes are coming but no notifcations or updates on WHEN those fixes are coming, WHAT is getting fixed, many of us are standing around like the one MEME of John travolta holding the trench coat looking around puzzled. like cool glad you got lots of new Apps out, but some of us may not like the 1001 zombie games and 1001 virutal office apps, and 1001 movie players, and 1001 fitness apps that some are similar to beat saber. (and yes the 1001 is sarcastic emphasis to the fact that most of the stuff in the shop) for me I have been spending money in steam cause they have a bit more selection of things for me to play there like Borderlands VR, fallout 4 vr, skyrim VR, and non zombie shooter horror games. I played a little in horizon worlds but so far there isnt much to bring me back to using it let alone the clunky builder that is hard to build things that look like something out of a kid's coloring book. I would LOVE to see a social game that had some pre fab items in it like fallout 4 or 76 I love crafting and customizing games and apps. fallout 4 & 76 have a lot of creative prefabs where I have built a summer resort, a media stuidio, and even a gentlemen's club, it's builder has it so a lot of the walls and floors snap together to make a perfect fit, where in horizon world's the snap option has the yellow balls that when you touch them they tend to snap to places you dont want them to snap or you accidently click something that activates the grouping feature and you have to fight to undo then retry again, then undo and retry again.  For that matter being stuck in on place in the home environment unable to move around makes THAT boring, and yes i know they are still supposedly having fixes roll out that we dont know when and what, the Steam VR evironment is cool but steam vr takes a lot of resources to run, I know that quest 2 has the link cable enviroment which is ok but then it still after a while I end up losing wifi cause i have to use my quest 2 upstairs away from the router, so it ends up loosing connection to the link enviroment. so I am left a lot of the time coming out of vr and going back to regular 2d games where I spend most of my time being more creative wishing I could be in my vr that I spend a nice penny on and my quest 2 spends a lot of time hanging on it's holder where it only gets used to see if things have gotten better only to see things havent so I end up taking it off putting it back in its holder to go back to the 2d world. Do I sound negative? yes I do! do some of you have an issue with that? yes I know some of you will but I have a right to my feelings and opinions on all this cause I paid for my quest 2 with certain promises from what is advertised from the internet be it from other people or the company them self or their famous face man him self, just the same as anyone who has a problem with my issues. you paid for yours and you have your views and opinons, I am a different person who paid for his with different views and opinions. To anyone who agrees with me or sees what I see, I would LOVE to hear from you! and if you disagree with me.... yet understand my right to my views and opinions I would LOVE to hear from you too! It's with polite communication that we all can have a nice community!